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ConvergeUSA Assessment Center (formerly TeAmerica) is one of the longest running, most influential and highly trusted Church Planting Assessment Centers in the country. Under the leadership of Paul Johnson and then JD Pearring the Assessment Center touched some of the best church planters in the country. Now a new era for the Assessment Center has begun under the leadership of Dr. Curt Gruber and Marlan Mincks as they build on the solid foundation lay by their predecessors by upgrading and strengthening the process.

It is an intensive four day event staffed by multiple, trained assessors to encourage and observe Church Planting candidates.
It is an opportunity for candidates to preach, cast vision and work in team setting.
It is an opportunity for candidates to meet with counselors and assessors to prepare for life as a Church Planter.
It is a multi-day process where assessors will provide helpful and thorough assessment of Church Planting candidates.

Why Participate in an Assessment Center?

The ConvergeUSA Assessment Center is one of the oldest and reliable in the country with 17 years under its belt.
The ConvergeUSA has a high rate of success in Church Planting, directly related to its world-class Assessment Center.
Many other denominations & para church organizations have model their process after ours for example: Evangelical Covenant Church, Growing Healthy Churches, etc.
To find answers to your questions about your possible future involvement in Church Planting, and network with other couples sharing the same interest and passion.
Based on this intensive multi-day process, the team of assessors will pray, discuss, evaluate and collate their findings to give you the **** ***essment possible.

Who Can Participate?
Pastors in transitionassessmentcenter_08oct06
Restart Pastors
Church Planters
Youth Pastors
Associate Pastors
Para-church workers
Second-career Lay Leaders

How Do I Sign Up?
To attend an Assessment Center, you will need to fill out an application.
First you have to established a relationship with one of our ConvergeUSA certified sending agencies, preferably in the region you are considering planting. They will provide you with additional details and application form.
Second, fill out application.
Third, engage in a pre-assessment interview.
Fourth, the sending agency will register you for the next scheduled Assessment Center.

Sending Agencies Protocol
This document will give you all the details you need for signing up a candidate for the ConvergeUSA Assessment Center
Click here to down load the Application Protocol

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Converge USA

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Don’t Miss the April Conference

To provide the best possible value to our network of leaders during these difficult financial times, Converge USA is partnering with Exponential in the largest church planting conference on the planet. We are strongly encouraging our community of leaders to attend this conference.

The Exponential Conference is a great value at $159 and one of the best investments you can make in your ministry. Don’t miss out in joining over 3,000 other leaders and over 75 national speakers in 15 pre-conference intensives, 7 main tracks and 5 main sessions. In addition to keeping registration rates low, our April conference dates are among the least expensive weeks of the year for traveling to sunny Orlando. As an added benefit of our partnership with Exponential, our leaders are eligible for an extra $20 off the already low price. Simply use discount code 2009cusa when registering on line.

Click here to register today.

Here is who is on the list so far from Minnesota’s Converge USA team:

  1. Joel Nelson
  2. Dan Carlson
  3. Jeff Gauss
  4. John Kelley
  5. Steve Treichler
  6. Paul Ireland
  7. Kaelin Ireland
  8. Brian Lair
  9. Seth Prince
  10. Mark Bjorlo
  11. Mike Verlennich
  12. Rich Bontrager
  13. Bill Ellingson
  14. Rachel Strouf
  15. Michael Devereaux
  16. Chris Wachter
  17. Bob Roby
  18. Becky Roby
  19. Eric Dykstra
  20. David Phelps
  21. Other Dude with Dykstra?
  22. Ben McEachern

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I was reading Walt Moser’s Blog and saw that he is reporting that Converge Worldwide planted over 200 churches between 2000-2005. There was an average weekly attendance in 2007 of 154 people which impacted 22,847 individuals. In our church plants we baptized 1,916 in 2007.

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